What a sweet way to learn!


The seventh grade went on a field trip to Biogen Idec, located in Cambridge. The clusters went to the biotech company on different days: Cluster 3 went on Tuesday and Wednesday (Jan. 12-13) and Cluster 4 went on Thursday and Friday (Jan. 14-15).

The seventh- grade clusters went into Biogen Idec to do a science lab about M&Ms. The purpose of this lab was to find out what colors made up the brown M&M.

The groups were separated into their science classes for the tests. The data and results showed the colors that made up the M&M were red, blue, and yellow.

“I thought you followed the directions beautifully,” said Cluster 3 science teach Karen MacAulay. “Your techniques were very good.”

All of the students really enjoyed this lab and would do it again. Ms. MacAulay said this is the second year that the school has done this field trip and she hopes to continue doing it for future years.

All of the teachers had positive comments to say about the students and how well behaved they were. Overall, the field trip was great, and a good learning experience.

–March 17, 2010–