Splash of Flavor 2015: BBQ Wings at Andrea’s Pizza

JULIANA M., Watertown Splash staff

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Have you ever wanted something to eat, but you just can’t have it because it is expensive or too far away? Well now you can have it right at the tip of your fingertips. Affordable, easy to find, and delicious! It’s the BBQ chicken wings at Andrea’s House of Pizza, located on the outskirts of Watertown.

Andrea’s makes its chicken wings in less than 10 minutes and you will get eight BBQ wings for only $10.30! It also delivers, so if you are not feeling up to going out, the food will be brought to your door.

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Have you ever pictured the perfect chicken wing? Well, you can only get it here. Crispy bread crumbs layered over the chicken wing mean you can already taste the crunchiness in your mouth. The BBQ sauce glistens as it slowly drips down, falling onto your plate. The crunchy crust along with the moist juicy inside is topped off with sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.

Andrea’s chicken wings are different from the rest. The wings are not drenched in BBQ sauce making them impossible to eat without a bib! They also do not over-fry them, turning them into a greasy mess.

Next time you are hungry, head over to Andrea’s House of Pizza and get the BBQ chicken wings.

(Andrea’s House of Pizza, 620 Mount Auburn St., Watertown. http://www.andreaspizza.com/)

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-– April 3, 2015–

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Splash of Flavor 2015: BBQ Wings at Andrea’s Pizza