A mother-daughter bond at WMS

Signora Bowers takes over Italian classes for Signora K

Lara Cordeiro, Watertown Splash staff

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     Angela Kuzemczak, Italian teacher at Watertown Middle School, has been on maternity leave taking care of her son, Roma.

     But who was subbing for her? Her own mother!

     Lorella Bowers has recently taught college-level students before coming here to teach WMS Italian students.

     “I feel honored to help continue my daughter’s job, and to continue her legacy with what she has started here,” Signora Bowers said.

     “She felt it was definitely different to teach here, but in the past she taught all levels, so it was easy to fall back into place with middle-schoolers.”

     Signora Bowers said it wasn’t harder to teach people who are beginning Italian versus the college students, although in college she goes very fast, they do a lot of work, and they cover about 16 chapters in two semesters.

     Back home, Roma listens to Italian songs and he is raised bilingual.

     Signora K recently bought a new house, and she is very excited about everything.

     A dog, Fabio, also lives in the house. Fabio loves Roma and is very protective of him, although he is sad and has a hard time because he was used to being the center of attention before.

     Maybe when Signora K returns, she’ll want to bring Fabio in with her.

–March 24, 2017–

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