Students conquer Wachusett

Nic Oteri and Zak Babali

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On Oct. 13, 2016, the Watertown Middle School eighth-graders took a trip to Wachusett Mountain to hike it.

Some kids were very excited, but some weren’t.

The hike was on a very hot and humid day, where the sun beats down on your skin as you walk up the jagged stone steps leading to the beautiful summit.

Sabreena Shah’s said, “Yeah, it was OK but I fell and I got hurt.”

The mountain posed a challenge for people, but once you got to the top you were rewarded with a long rest and some cool pictures.

Coming down the mountain was even a harder challenge than going up because it posed a higher chance of falling.

Going down you couldn’t hear the noises of nature because you were so focused on not falling while sprinting down the mountain. All you could hear was the loud breathing coming from your mouth because of how exhausted you were.

Then it is the end of your journey, taking a hike on a massive mountain.

–April 10, 2017–

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