With these suggested classes, students would find real enrichment


As Watertown Middle School students are finishing off the year, they need to start choosing their classes for next year. Lots of students are having trouble picking their enrichment classes because they weren’t interested in the choices given. As students, we feel that we could propose unique ideas that would be advantageous to students in many ways.

Our ideas touch different subjects and topics that teach students to look at learning from another angle.

One idea that we feel strongly about is “Pick and Choose.” Middle-schoolers are reaching the age where they need to be cautious about what they eat. Students should have the skill to “pick and choose” the better option. We think students could visit different restaurants during class and they could choose what they eat. If we students were allowed to go to food places, we could watch what we eat. Not only would we be watching the calories, but also have the experience to be out in the world where manners are necessary.  This class would support different skills needed in our everyday lives.

Another class that we feel could help students is called “Searching for Sales.” Math can be a skill that is used for almost everything, including shopping. Taking a trip to the mall every other day during school could benefit students in various ways. For starters, the walk to the mall from the school is a hassle (1.81 miles)  and it would take 43 minutes to get to the mall, which exceeds the exercise we need in a day. After arriving, sweating, and out of breath, it would be time to search for sales.

To be involved, students must pick their top stores and find items on sale. For example, Bob decides to shop at Pink. He finds this totes fab top that was originally $35.50, but ended up being 20% off. His job is to find his new total. Go Bob!

Students can also be very sore from sports. Trying on the clothes is just as important as purchasing. Bending over to try on the clothes can stretch muscles all around. Overall, this enrichment class would use three completely different skills to complete different tasks.

A different enrichment idea we were thinking about is called “VGS 630.” This stands for Video Game Skills, which allows kids to play videogames for a whole period. This would help students in many ways. Want ripped thumbs? Well, playing video games gives your thumbs just what they need. It’s like taking them to the gym, but more fun!

Another way VGS 630 would help students is they would become more comfortable with strategizing. Video games come in all different subjects. To beat the game, it takes some intense thinking and strategizing.  This could get student brains working and ready for the next class for tough thinking.

Our last idea that we were thinking about is called “Ring Along,” which is a combination of singing and reading along.

In reading class, why can’t students do something fun instead of reading boring articles? We were thinking reading class could change up a bit. In an additional class, students would read song lyrics while practicing reading and understanding. As you know, songs are sung at different speeds, and while reading the lyrics, students need to go along with the tune, therefore they would have to read at a faster or slower pace than usual. At the end of the day, students will learn how to read at different paces and be able to learn at the same time in an enjoyable way.

We hope that our enrichment ideas can get supported by staff and students. Hopefully in the years ahead, these enrichments can be a choice for students to pick from. We believe our brilliant thoughts can really make an impact on our peers.

–June 13, 2013–