“Transformers: The Last Knight” a great mix of humor, action

Jordan Laudani, Watertown Splash

June 21, 2017No Comments

    Out of all of the “Transformers” movies, “The Last Knight” might be the best one. For one thing, it made everyone laugh and there wasn’t too much action, but t...

Spectacular version of “Annie” comes to Boston!

Jordan Hoover, Watertown Splash staff

May 18, 2017No Comments

Show celebrates its 40th anniversary with stop at at Wang Theatre from May 9-21

Lara Cordeiro, Watertown Splash staff

April 28, 2017No Comments

Magan Slesinger is the coordinator of the Fine, Applied, and Performing Arts department in the Watertown schools. She has very bad stage fright when it comes to singing, so...

So many high notes

Millicent Abboud, Watertown Splash staff

April 23, 2017No Comments

Imagine being in the auditorium filled with kids singing in nice and fancy voices. You see kids singing with smiles and jaws drop-ping smoothly. You hear a range f...

  • Hand chimes and ‘Hamilton’ April 20, 2017
  • Concert selections have Ms. Casey written all over them April 19, 2017

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New Watertown schools superintendent eager to get started

Watertown Splash staff

June 22, 2017No Comments

Dr. Deanne Galdston to take the lead of Watertown Public Schools on July 1, 2017

Caiden Kiani, Watertown Splash staff

June 15, 2017No Comments

    Every Tuesday after school, students from all grades meet in Ms. Henry’s room to work on undoing the racism in Watertown Middle School.     Students in...

One School/One Book announcement to be made Friday, June 9

June 9, 2017

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Parsa Tehrani and Suren Mkrtchyan

June 9, 2017No Comments

    Every year, the One School/One Book committee chooses one book for everyone at Watertown Middle School to read. The book it chooses is the one the incoming sixth-,...

Jordan Hoover, Watertown Splash staff

March 31, 2017No Comments

If you are a sixth- or seventh-grader or a teacher at Watertown Middle School who loves reading, join the One School/One Book committee! Come on! Get an early start on summer...

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WMS welcomes new gym teacher Lisa Smith

Suren Mkrtchyan, Watertown Splash staff

April 29, 20171 Comment

New gym teacher Lisa Smith is already an important member of the Watertown Middle School community. She hopes to make gym classes more interest...

  • Chef Mike Fucci scores big on Food Network March 23, 2017

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Izadora Goncalves, Watertown Splash staff

March 21, 2017No Comments

     As everyone knows, not everyone at Watertown Middle School likes the dress code.      According to assistant principal Jason Del Porto the point of the dress code is so t...

Ryan Leonard, Watertown Splash staff

March 6, 2017No Comments

Throughout the United States, many public and private schools have plays or theater classes for students to attend and enjoy. These activities allow students to express creativity...

Liana Rice, Watertown Splash staff

March 5, 2017No Comments

Watertown Public Schools used to use reusable plastic trays for school lunches. Now we have reverted to using disposable styrofoam trays. It can be harmful to the workers...

Bridget Sullivan, Watertown Splash staff

March 3, 2017No Comments

Have you ever been way too tired to go to school? Well this could mean you’re not getting the sleep you need from the time you go to bed till the early time you have to...

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Chef Mike Fucci scores big on Food Network

Watertown chef Mike Fucci (center, with hat) poses with reporters from the Watertown Splash during his visit to Watertown Middle School on March 17, 2017. The author and owner of Chef Mike's Catering was interviewed in the Watertown Splash newsroom about his victorious appearance on Food Network's "Cutthroat Kitchen."

Watertown Splash staff

March 23, 2017No Comments

     On Friday, March 17, 2017, Watertown’s best chef, Mike Fucci came to visit Watertown Middle School.      Chef Mike has had a lot of success in the cooking industry. He says he is ranked...

Gabe Avakian and Sean Anthony McCusker

March 22, 2017No Comments

     Burger, fries, nuggets. Whose are better? McDonald’s or Burger King?      A lot of the students from Watertown Middle School sided with McDonald’s. Out of the 13 kids interviewed, 10 of ...

Ramon Sara and Mason Andrade

March 8, 2017No Comments

     After a hard day of school, don’t you want to reward yourself with a gooey slice of pizza? Then come down to either Pizza Roma or D&D’s in Watertown to give yourself a reward that you deserve....

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Watertown Savings Bank ad

Amy and Allison, Watertown Splash staff

June 17, 2015

Amy and Allison are experts in all things. They welcome all questions, as long as they are respectful of them and their audience. Their answers will only...

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Millicent Abboud, Watertown Splash staff

Do you know what sixth- and seventh-graders’ favorite app is at Watertown Middle School? Isabella, a seventh-grader, said her favorite app was Snapchat. Isabella owns...

GABRIEL T., Watertown Splash staff

     Ever since the Playstation 4 and Xbox One have been brought out to selected stores, gaming has never been any more exciting. If you’ve seen the graphics of a particu...

RITA H., Watertown Splash staff

    How many students agree with their parents when it comes to social media? It seems like none, right? Truth be told, a very small minority (if any) of students agree with...

Review: Mario Party Island Tour is amazing and slightly addicting

Review: Mario Party Island Tour is amazing and slightly addicting

February 3, 2014

Facebook has the most friends at WMS

December 3, 2010

Technology is their strength

May 5, 2010

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