Seta’s Cafe a delicious find on Belmont Street

Gabriela Bondaryk, Watertown Splash staff

February 3, 2019

Out of all the many stores and restaurants on Belmont Street, Seta’s Cafe stands out with its delicious Mediterranean/Armenian food, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. They serve many delicious meals, with every bit...

It’s McDonald’s vs. Burger King!

Gabe Avakian and Sean Anthony McCusker

March 22, 2017

     Burger, fries, nuggets. Whose are better? McDonald’s or Burger King?      A lot of the students from Watertown Middle School sided with McDonald’s. Out of the 13 kids interviewed, 10 of them said they like McD...

Pizza Roma, D&D’s are slices of heaven in Watertown

Ramon Sara and Mason Andrade

March 8, 2017

     After a hard day of school, don’t you want to reward yourself with a gooey slice of pizza? Then come down to either Pizza Roma or D&D’s in Watertown to give yourself a reward that you deserve.      The folks a...

When it comes to school lunch, tastes vary

Gabe Avakian and Sean Anthony McCusker

March 7, 2017

Sixth-graders at Watertown Middle School were asked to give their opinion about school lunch. They were asked the same questions: “What is your favorite school lunch meal, and why?” and “What do you like and don’t like...

Splash of Flavor 2015: Cheese Pizza at Bertucci’s

HINA R., Watertown Splash staff

April 3, 2015

Hungry? Hungry for the delicious pizza at Bertucci’s? The pizza is mouth-watering and your stomach will be growling for just a bite. (Hey, you can place your vote here!) You might think, “Cheese pizza? What’s so special about it? How...

Splash of Flavor 2015: Garlic Bread at Theo’s Pizzeria

LILY K., Watertown Splash staff

April 3, 2015

Theo’s Pizzeria & Grill at 389 Trapelo Rd. in Belmont is the right place to go. With 30 seats overall, Theo’s has a nice appearance. The first thing you see when you order are the organized metal bins of food, usually...