When it comes to school lunch, tastes vary

Sixth-graders at Watertown Middle School were asked to give their opinion about school lunch. They were asked the same questions: “What is your favorite school lunch meal, and why?” and “What do you like and don’t like about school lunch?”

The sixth-graders had a lot to say. Many of their answers were the same. They all had something they thought was good, but they also had some- thing that they thought the school lunch could improve on.

A group of eight kids said that their favorite meal is nachos. They said they like all of the snacks that the school has to offer. They also said that they like it when they get a lot of food and they like it when it’s nice and warm.

Stephen Chen, Aidan Campbell, and James Grady also said they like the nachos because they taste really good. Other favorites included pizza, fries, crispy chicken sandwich, and the meatball sub.

Shane Gleason said that he liked that there was more choice than there was at Hosmer Elementary school. Theo Vachon said that he liked how they give veggies. Luis Andujar said that he likes the orange juice. Although there was many likes, there was also some dislikes. One consistent response was that the pizza sauce is bad.

Aidan Campbell, Brenden Campbell, and James Grady really dislike the hot dogs because they say they have an odd taste. Nasim Abenaou doesn’t like the dough used for pizza.

–March 6, 2017–