Secret’s out about ‘The Black Coats’


Athena Ahmad, Watertown Splash staff

There is a fine line between Justice and Revenge, and if Thea Solomon isn’t careful, she’ll end up crossing it.

Fans of strong, smart heroines and plot lines that make you cry and laugh at the same time, will love Colleen Oakes new girl-power filled book, “The Black Coats.”

The book, by the author of the Wendy Darling Saga, is expected to come out Feb. 12. The book’s about a secretive society that delivers justice to women who have been harmed or harassed after the co-founder, Robin Peterson, was raped near her school. Thea Solomon, the former track star, is devastated about her cousin Natalie’s death. About a year later, she’s invited to join the secretive black coats.

After completing trials, she and four other girls (including her school’s queen bee, Mirabelle) make up Team Banner — The Black Coats’s newest team run by Nixon. Things get complicated quickly and Thea discovers some startling things about a certain butterfly and learns the truth behind the coat.

This daring, emotional, and friendship-full novel is great for 12- to 18-year-olds . The best part of the book is seeing the chemistry between the five girls and how they fight for justice. There were no rough parts and it was overall a great read.

–Feb. 16, 2019–