Teaching math at WMS adds up for Edward Cafua

Laura Howard, Watertown Splash staff

Edward Cafua, one of Watertown Middle School’s eighth-grade math teachers, talks about how he never thought he would be at WMS teaching math.

Born in Watertown and growing up with two younger sisters, Mr. Cafua loved hockey and everything about it.

“Hockey is my favorite sport and I always thought I would be a sports organizer or a hockey manager,” he said.

Mr. Cafua went to Nichols College for his undergrad and Framingham State University for his masters degree.

He explained how he got into teaching: “I might as well do something I’m good at, and I was good at math, so…”

Although he originally wanted to teach high school math, Mr. Cafua student-taught at a middle school and he realized he liked it better. Now he is in his second year at WMS.

Even though he is not where he thought he’d be, he did end up doing something he always wanted to do, coaching a high school hockey team.

Other than hockey Mr. Cafua also said he likes to travel and his favorite place he has been to was Azores Portugal.

–March 9, 2019–