Their tongues are wagging

Gabe Avakian and Mason Andrade

April 2, 2017

     Shoes.      Everybody wears them, and we all have a different view and opinion about them.      Some people love shoes so much that they adopt the name “Sneaker Head”. People stand in line outside of a store ...

Pandora’s Princess rings change the way we look at jewelry

Mahera Ahmed

March 29, 2017

    Pandora Jewelry. What’s the first thing that you think about? Bracelets? Necklaces? Rings? Well, how about one ring in particular? These rings are based on a princess tiara with their design. The come in a variety o...

Dress code out of fashion at Watertown Middle School

Izadora Goncalves, Watertown Splash staff

March 21, 2017

     As everyone knows, not everyone at Watertown Middle School likes the dress code.      According to assistant principal Jason Del Porto the point of the dress code is so that the students are focusing on learning a...

Seventh-graders have their eyes on Kylie Jenner

Lara Cordeiro, Watertown Splash staff

March 9, 2017

     Kylie Jenner, daughter of Kris Jenner and Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner, made herself millions by selling lipsticks online, and they always seem to be sold out. Seventh-grade girls at Watertown Middle School have mixed opinions on ...

Sweater weather

Sweater weather

January 16, 2015

You’ve been dress-coded!


March 19, 2014

“Dressing up is your personality, and when you take that away, you take away who people are,” said Kevin Cardoso, a sixth-grade student at Watertown Middle School. The dress code is a set of rules that tells all WMS students...

Sitting pretty

Sitting pretty

January 6, 2014

WMS girls head over heels for Lululemon


January 4, 2014

Lululemon headbands have come to Watertown Middle School! Lululemon stores can be found at Prudential Center, Newbury Street, Burlington, Natick, and Dedham. The store sells yoga and sportive clothing, running gear, and, its...

Rainbow Looms weave together fans at Watertown Middle School

BANDNA K., Watertown Splash staff reporter

October 29, 2013

    Have you ever heard of Rainbow Looms? Well the Watertown Middle School has! Rainbow Looms are very popular at WMS, and sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students are wearing them.     Rainbow Looms are elastics that you c...

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