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Behind the scenes of the ugly sweater tradition at Watertown Midldle School

Splash photo HONOR P.
Watertown Middle School staff members show off their holiday spirit at the Winter Concert on Dec. 12, 2014.

HONOR P., Watertown Splash staff

Friday, Dec. 12, was not only the Watertown Middle School Winter Concert, it was also a time for teachers to show off their holiday spirit.

“Anything that brings people together and shows school spirit is a good idea,” said Spanish teacher Ruth Henry on the ugly sweater tradition at WMS.

She is right, it is a great time for the teachers to create a laugh or two, and to celebrate the holiday spirit soon before winter break.

“I wore an ugly LL Bean sweater from the ‘80s from my husband, he thought it was very funny,”  said humanities teacher Lauren Hegarty,

On the other hand, Ms.Hegarty’s seventh-grade daughter seemed to have different ideas.

“She restricted my wear … she dress-coded me,’’ said Ms. Hegarty. “I wanted to wear a green with red trim tree skirt from under the Christmas tree with a garland scarf.”

Phil Oates has been a seventh-grade math teacher at WMS for eight years.

“I have worn my Snoopy sweater with green jeans from the Polo outlet for $5,” he said.

His sweater features Snoopy and his friends decorating a Christmas tree. Mr. Oates claims that he has worn this outfit every year for ugly sweater day.

“I believe my outfit has been contagious, Mrs.Donato and Mrs.Carey have been inspirational leaders for us in the sweater world,” he said.

Students seem to enjoy this tradition almost as much as the teachers do

“It’s fun for the students to see all the new sweaters each year and how they change,” said Gracie P., an eighth-grader at WMS.

There are always crazy sweaters, from cats to flashing lights, to ornaments, the teachers have worn it all.

Art teacher Elizabeth Donnellan says that the best place to find an ugly sweater is your Grandma’s closet.  She also said that her favorite sweater this year was guidance counselor Amanda Skypeck’s “creepy cat shirt.”  This sweater features a cat with disturbingly large eyes and a Santa hat.

So, if anyone sixth- or seventh-graders want to join this tradition next year, start by searching your Grandma’s closet.

–Jan. 16, 2015–