There’s fun in finding ‘If You’re Out There’


Julianne Sabino, Watertown Splash staff

“If You’re Out There” by Katy Loutzenhiser is a book that will be coming out in March 2019. This book is about a girl named Zan. At the start of the book, Zan’s best friend, Priya, moves to California and Zan feels very sad and insecure that she left and it is very hard for her to cope.

Priya doesn’t reply to any of Zan’s emails. People tell her to leave Priya alone and do her thing, but she won’t believe her friendship has ended with Priya until she says it to her face.

Further into the book she meets the new guy in Spanish class, Logan, and she begins to let go and talk about her feelings.

Later on, Logan and Zan find a clue in Priya’s latest selfie that might explain why Priya is not answering. They start to think maybe it’s not that Priya doesn’t want to answer — maybe she can’t.

I think this book would be great for students in the middle school who likes funny books, love stories, and mystery. I would totally recommend it to anyone.

–Feb. 17, 2019–