Spanish teacher returns to WMS to once again make a difference


Splash photo Shannon Fitzpatrick

Rachel Sadkowski teaches Spanish at Watertown Middle School.

Shannon Fitzpatrick, Watertown Splash staff

As many of you know, this year at Watertown Middle School, there is a new Spanish teacher, Rachel Sadkowski.

Some of you have not heard of her because her room is located in the sixth-grade hallway. Her room is filled with light from the wide windows and you can see her smiling face when you walk in.

She previously worked at Watertown Middle School eight years ago, but left to take care of her two daughters. When asked what had changed, she said that it was a whole new environment and there were many teachers that had come and gone. She also said that she even forgot where the bathrooms were when she was first back.

She also said, “I try to be a role model for my two daughters,” which she truly is. In the WMS bathrooms, Ms. S is putting up positive notes and decorations in colorful ways. Ms. S has not only decorated the girls’ bathrooms but also the boys’ bathrooms, too!

Ms. S was raised in Florida and lived for a little time in Virginia. She went to BC and BU, which she loved.

Ms. S loves Spanish and has a true passion for it. One thing that you may not know is that Ms.S was on the Nickelodeon show “Guts,” where contestants go through obstacles in order to win. Although she didn’t win, she said she “still had fun”.

One of her favorite things to do is travel, and she actually went to Mexico for February break. She also said that she loves yoga and relaxing music.

–March 6, 2019–