Italian class gets a taste of world travel at Eataly


Splash photo Angela Kuzemczak

Angela Kuzemczak’s Italian language students from Watertown Middle School explored Eataly in Boston’s Prudential Center in December 2018.

Catherine Fleming, Watertown Splash staff

In December, the eighth-grade students of Watertown Middle School who take Italian as a language, went on a field trip to Eataly — an eat, shop, and learning environment where people of all ages can explore the culture and, most importantly, the food of Italy.

The first Eataly is located in Alba, Italy. Eataly was such a success there, there are now many across the world including in Japan, Boston, New York, and many across Italy. The Italian class was super excited to go on this field trip.

The eighth-grade class all took a bus to the Eataly at the Prudential Center in Boston. When asked about if kids liked the field trip and if it was a success or not, Angela Kuzemczak, the Italian teacher at WMS said, “I hope so! Any time you offer food, it’s a win.”

The kids indeed loved the trip. The first half of the field trip was a tour talking about Italy’s history and the types of food all across Italy. The founder of Eataly was Oscar Farinetti. He traveled all across Italy learning about the different ways of language and food, and then made the first Eataly in 2004.

The kids also got to try many of the fresh samples, including different types of cheese, gelato, panini, chocolate, and many kinds of pasta.

Signora K also learned a lot while on the trip and was super excited to introduce everything to her students. She was asked if she would do this field trip again and said she would love too, as long as she has a great group of kids who love to learn about Italy and its culture.

She was also asked if she liked the way Eataly teaches with their motto of eating, shopping, and learning.

“I do,” she said. “They really understood the culture and the tour was super helpful.

“I just think that Eataly teaches the culture of Italy in a way kids can understand it better.”

This field trip was a huge success and Signora K hopes she can bring many more WMS students.

–Feb. 10, 2019–