‘The Grinch’ offers some gifts not worth keeping


Splash photo Courtesy of Universal Pictures

“The Grinch”

Anika Ziobro, Watertown Splash staff

Looking for a mediocre remake of a classic, enjoyable movie to watch with your 5-year-old child whose mind is not coherent enough to interpret flaws within the film and perceives said film as an amusing, fun, and entertaining movie?

I’ve got the perfect movie for you!

Here I present you, “The Grinch.” Like any normal movie, “The Grinch” has its own significant pros, and its own significant cons. Let’s start with the good parts of the movie. Every movie at least has some positive aspect to it that appeals to the viewers.

You can tell with this movie being an animated film with a soft, colorful art style that the main audience the creators are trying to attract are small children. Because of this, these children might be enthralled by the visuals, but small children aren’t the only people that are enthralled. With the modern CGI animation, viewers might actually agree that the visuals and the animation improved the characters’ display and put creativity into the Grinch’s inventions.

One certain con that complements this pro is that people might say that the art style made the Grinch appear more soft and friendly, unlike his usual mischievous and intimidating demeanor. The movie’s soft art style wasn’t able to make up for the original iconic grin that we all know and love.

Another con that might’ve bothered viewers is the pacing of the movie. Some parts of the movie were too long and lengthed, such as the Grinch planning on how to steal Christmas, (over half the the movie) and other parts were too short, such as when the Grinch actually came to stealing Christmas (several minutes long).

Although the first half of the movie also contained scenes with Cindy Lou and the people of Whoville, over half of the movie was finished when the Grinch stole Christmas (a fairly critical part of the movie, hence the title of the previous works it was adapted from).

Even though this movie wasn’t entirely bad, it wasn’t the best either. For those that didn’t enjoy the movie, maybe next time the Grinch will really steal your Christmas.

–Feb. 27, 2019–