WMS class president leads by example


Splash photo Naomi Baker

Tino Themelis, president of the Class of 2023 at Watertown Middle School.

Naomi Baker, Watertown Splash staff

Tino Themelis has been attending Watertown Middle School for nearly three years of his life and is finally getting to make a change!

Last year he decided to run for class president so he could make a positive influence and help represent the student body well. Now he is helping to make WMS a better place.

But who is he?

Tino describes himself to be hard working, fun, and passionate, all important traits for a school leader. But one thing you might not know about Tino is he loves ketchup.

And to future presidential candidates, Tino reminds them to ”make you sure you are committed to making a change and not just do it for popularity.”

Over the course of his presidency, so far, Tino has been working on making changes. Many of you may know about the proposition to change DEAR to study hall, but he has also done things like change the bells. Tino has learned that “things don’t happen without working for it.”

A goal Tino has for this year is to take in account both teachers’ and students’ thoughts.

Tino’s term is almost halfway over. Soon one of the seventh-graders will be able to apply for his position. Soon, a new group of sixth-graders will enter the school, and Tino advises them to “pay attention, listen to people.”

Tino has been leading our school well for the past year and we are excited to see what changes he can make!

–Feb. 9, 2019–