Crazy year, crazy yearbook

Atiera Horne and Watertown Middle School students face challenges in putting together annual publication


During the pandemic, many things have become difficult, like putting together a school yearbook. Watertown Middle School hasn’t let that stop them. 

Atiera Horne, the new sixth-grade guidance counselor has taken on that task with the help of WMS students. This year did prove to be quite different.

“It’s hard to take pictures because there’s nothing to take pictures of,” said WMS eighth-grader Sona Taktakyan. “Everything’s different. There’s no Spirit Week and things like that.”

Because of this, the yearbook has been primarily about the students. The yearbook committee has been able to get some pictures. For example, Sona said that they were able to get pictures of students participating in sports outside of school. They also try to get pictures of students who participated in the hybrid program, during the daily mask break, or Zoom meetings. 

Since this year was different, the yearbook committee came up with the idea to have a part of the year book to be advice from teachers to the eighth-graders since they will be leaving middle school. The eighth-grade experience has been different this year than it has in the previous years. To get the eighth-graders more involved, Ms. Horne wanted to have the yearbook cover to be the work of an eighth-grader, if possible. 

While it is challenging, Ms Horne finds her work with the yearbook to be incredibly fulfilling as it has allowed the newcomer to connect with her new school!

Lastly, people can follow the WMS yearbook committee on Instagram (@wmsyearbook2021).

Yearbooks can be ordered at, using the WMS school ID: EVT2M4FJB.

If you have any questions or are interested in contributing to the 2021Watertown Middle School yearbook, please contact Ms. Horne at [email protected].

–March 3, 2021–