Pandora’s Princess rings change the way we look at jewelry

Mahera Ahmed

    Pandora Jewelry. What’s the first thing that you think about? Bracelets? Necklaces? Rings? Well, how about one ring in particular? These rings are based on a princess tiara with their design. The come in a variety of silver and rose gold.

     These rings have gotten very popular at Watertown Middle School. Seventh-graders Jamie Fernandez Sanchez, Berfin Yalcin, and Mona Houjazy said their close friends and people around school have been talking about them.

    These rings and pretty much anything else at Pandora are nice, but at what cost? These rings can go from at least $45 and the gold charms can go up to $455. According to Mona, they are expensive because they’re very beautiful and the are made from silver and/or gold. Berfin and Audrey Garland said that they “don’t think they are very overpriced for jewelry.”

    The least-expensive thing at Pandora are posts, which are earring hooks that you attach a charm to.

    Audrey said that “girls in middle school want to explore more into different jewelry” this causes girls to wear more types of necklaces and bracelets that are fancy, but can also be worn as everyday accessories because they last a long time. Also, since people are talking about it in school, the students feel compelled to buy it.

   When asked if they would buy the rings if they were “trending” in the school, Jamie said that she would only buy the ring if she liked it and if it felt like something she would wear daily. Mona agreed that she wouldn’t buy it, but also said rings aren’t her favorite things to wear. Audrey said that she wouldn’t buy them just because she would be afraid of losing them.

    Some people feel the need to buy products just because a celebrity or their idol promote or sponsor it. Mona said that maybe if Selena Gomez were to sponsor it she would buy it. Jamie and Berfin said that they would buy it if they liked the way it looks.

    Pandora stores are located around the country, but the closest one is in the Prudential Center in Boston. You can also see the jewelry online at

–March 29, 2017–