Sitting pretty

Art project transforms stools into collector’s items

Splash photo SHANNON H.
A newly decorated stool belonging to art teacher Elizabeth Donnellan at Watertown Middle School.

Students, tiles, artwork, and sculptures; all the elements for a perfect art classroom. But stools as a canvas, what gives?

It all started because Ms. Donnellan decorated her own plain wooden stool. She transformed it into a bright leopard print masterpiece. When other teachers entered her room, the stool caught their eyes and they wanted one to call their own.

Ms. Donnellan had extra stools lying around the classroom, but she had too many e-mails requesting stools so she couldn’t do it all on her own.

She gave the task to her advanced art students, seventh- and eighth-graders who meet fifth period on B days for the enrichment class. Teachers such as Mr. Oates, Mr. Spano, and Nurse Shea will be receiving a stool.

The students use spray paint and supplies they have found to decorate the stools.

“My favorite part of the project is spray painting,” said Rubén S., a seventh-grader.

Students are enjoying the project and can’t wait to give the stools to teachers around Watertown Middle School.

–Jan. 5, 2014–