Their tongues are wagging

Nike runs away with discussion as Watertown Middle School students choose their favorite sneakers

Gabe Avakian and Mason Andrade


     Everybody wears them, and we all have a different view and opinion about them.

     Some people love shoes so much that they adopt the name “Sneaker Head”. People stand in line outside of a store for hours for the new kicks that are going to drop. Sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders at WMS have a lot to say about sneakers.

     Twelve WMS students were asked for their favorite shoe brand. Eight people answered Nike, three people said Jordan, and one person said Adidas.

      It seemed like a no-brainer decision for most people. For the next question, the answers varied a lot.

       The students were asked “What’s your favorite pair of shoes that you own?” Nic Oteri said he likes his Air Jordan Chrome 6’s. Declan Gallagher and Adrian Alvarez said they like their Jordan 11’s, Robbie Iannetta like his Jordan 3’s, and Ben Kullman likes his Kyrie 2’s. Delanie Lombard and Ellie Monahan said they liked their Roshes.

     The next question was about their least-favorite shoe.

     A lot of people said that their least favorite shoe was Skechers Light Ups, followed, with one vote each, by Nike Air Monarchs and Reebok Zig-Zags.

     The last question was “If money wasn’t the issue, what’s a pair of shoes you would want to buy?”

     A lot of the answers were Yeezys and Nike Air Mags. Other answers were Tory Burch boots, Jordan 11 Space Jams, and Jordan Eminem 4’s.

–April 1, 2017–