Fall is time for big change in fashion

Splash photo SUKAINA A.
Shiny boots are a hit in fall.

    Fall has now arrived and everyone has changed the way they dress.

    From flip-flops, sandals, wedges, and flats to sneakers and boots. No more shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits like in the summer, but long pants, long-sleeved shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts, especially in the cold morning hours!

    Fall is that one season of the year where we all automatically change the way we dress. It’s a big change.

    “In fall, it’s colder, so I wear lots of boots and colorful sweaters” said Neila, a seventh-grader at Watertown Middle School.

    “I like to wear fun scarves,” said Hana, another seventh-grader.

    If you want to dress to match the season, wear colors like brown, red, yellow, orange, and some green, just like the the crunchy, fallen leaves.

    Lots of students wear popular brands, like Ugg boots and North Face jackets. Some kids even wear WMS sweatshirts and baggy warm pants.

    Let’s say you want to wear pants that are not too long or too short? Why not just fold your jeans into capris! Maybe you want to  wear a shirt that is not too long or too short? Fold your sleeves!

    Fall has now arrived, and so has fall fashion!

–Nov. 1, 2013–