Splash of Flavor 2015: Mocha Mint Chip Cupcakes at Sweet


Splash photo HONOR P.

The Mocha Mint Chip Cupcake from Sweet in Harvard Square is one of the 21 finalists vying for readers’ votes in Splash of Flavor 2015.

HONOR P., Watertown Splash staff

Looking for the perfect place to enjoy a yummy cupcake? Why not hop on the bus into Harvard Square and try a cupcake from Sweet?

With many varieties of flavors, sizes, and colors, Sweet is the perfect place for anyone with a sweet tooth — not to mention a great place to hang out, do homework, and enjoy the flavor of Harvard Square.

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Sweet is located at Zero Brattle Street in Harvard Square, between the Curious George bookstore and Tealuxe, right across from The Coop. It offers regular-sized cupcakes, which are fairly large, as well as mini cupcakes.  Along with cupcakes, cookies and cakes are also available to order. There are also “pupcakes” just for our furry canine friends!

There are many different cupcakes to choose from at Sweet, but the one that catches the eye of most when they come in is the Mocha Mint Chip cupcake. The cupcake itself includes a perfect balance of chocolate and coffee-flavored cake. The cake is not too moist, but not too dry. It is fluffy and light.

This cake is then topped with a swirl of cooling mint frosting with mini chocolate chips to top it off.  This cupcake is very rich, yet surprisingly refreshing because of the hint of mint in the frosting.

After this cupcake is long gone, the desire to have more will still remain, so be sure to find a table close to the door for an easy escape!

(Sweet, 0 Brattle St., Harvard Square. http://www.sweetcupcakes.com/)

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-– April 3, 2015–