It’s McDonald’s vs. Burger King!

     Burger, fries, nuggets. Whose are better? McDonald’s or Burger King?

     A lot of the students from Watertown Middle School sided with McDonald’s. Out of the 13 kids interviewed, 10 of them said they like McDonald’s better than Burger King.

     When asked who has a better burger, eight of them said McDonald’s, mostly because of the taste.

      Ben Kullman said they have more toppings. Amanda Cosco and Anthony Venezia said they like everything about the burger.

     “The [McDonald’s] burgers are juicy” said Casey Williams.

     For the people rooting for Burger King, Karys Cafua likes the sesame seeds on the bun of the burger. Luis Andujar and Payton Andrade said the “quality of the meat that Burger King uses is good.”

     Colin Campbell likes the sauce used in the burgers.

     Ramon Sara said Burger King has fluffy buns and better toppings.

     He claims that McDonald’s doesn’t care about it when they put on the toppings, they just kind of throw it on.

     He said that Burger King spends more time on making the burger.

     Only four people liked Burger King’s fries better, mainly because they are saltier and crispier than McDonald’s fries.

     On the other hand eight WMS students like McDonald’s fries better because they believe that they are saltier and easier to eat because they are thinner.

     McDonald’s also took the lead for nuggets.

     Ten out of the 13 kids said that they like McDonald’s nuggets better.

     Ben, Casey, and Anthony said McDonald’s nuggets are crispier. Luis and Colin said that they are just way better.

     Amanda said. “They’re just good.”

     Jack Dickie said, “I like the shape of the nuggets at McDonald’s.”

     Liam Connolly said he likes the batter, while Ramon said he likes that it’s not too hot when you get it and that the batter is nice and crispy.

     It’s fair to say that McDonald’s won this battle because apparently it has better burgers, fries, and nuggets.

–March 21, 2017–