Pizza Roma, D&D’s are slices of heaven in Watertown

Ramon Sara and Mason Andrade

     After a hard day of school, don’t you want to reward yourself with a gooey slice of pizza? Then come down to either Pizza Roma or D&D’s in Watertown to give yourself a reward that you deserve.

     The folks at Pizza Roma on Waverly Avenue have the best sauce around and the cheese is like a flavorful blanket for the magically delicious sauce. The dough is the mattress to that beautiful cheesy and saucy bed. It’s soft as a cloud in some parts, so every bite is a surprise.

     Mike Nilan said that Roma’s crust is very good.

     When Robbie Iannetta goes to Pizza Roma, he gets a cheese Sicilian.

     “It’s very good and some of the best cheese I’ve ever had,” he said.

     Matt Tuccinardi said that Roma’s pizza “is the best I’ve ever had.”

     D&D’s on Mount Auburn Street is another place to go after the long tiring school day. The crust is a little too hard but the cheese and the pure tomato sauce make up for it. Although D&D’s is known for its pizza, it also has terrific french fries: The potato carved into a prism, put in a frier, and then sprinkled with salt.

     (Pizza Roma, 212 Waverley Ave., Watertown, 617-924-9595; D&D’s Pizza and Subs, 135 Mount Auburn St., Watertown, 617-924-0999.)

–March 7, 2017–