Splash of Flavor 2015: Cheese Pizza at Bertucci’s

HINA R., Watertown Splash staff

Hungry? Hungry for the delicious pizza at Bertucci’s?

The pizza is mouth-watering and your stomach will be growling for just a bite.

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You might think, “Cheese pizza? What’s so special about it? How is it different from all the other cheese pizzas?”

Well, first of Bertucci’s is known for its extraordinary pizza, it’s one of its signature dishes.

One of the most noticeable things to see when walking through the restaurant is the brick oven and the open window, where the chefs do their magic. Walking into the restaurant is just as amazing, being able to smell the delightful smell of the pizza and see that’s what most people have ordered.

You first get an appetizer, freshly made hot bread, baked beautiful and with a little bit of olive oil and spices, just so people aren’t hungry while waiting. But when the pizza is brought to the table, taste buds are going all over the place and just ready to dive in.

The pizza is always made by hand from scratch, each and every one of them, using the freshest organic ingredients. There is steam coming from the pizza when it is served and they are very large slices, so that one is just fine.

The sauce on the pizza is the best part — salty, but not too salty, and it’s not any canned tomato sauce but made fresh right in the kitchen.

Right as you take a bite, the cheese starts to stretch, along with the sauce that might end up running down your chin. No one can ever put the pizza slice back on the plate because they are always wanting another bite.

That’s not it, because the crust is beyond words. It is soft and moves apart slowly as you bite into it. There is also a huge variety of toppings to put on the pizza, too.

If you want a bite of flavor, Bertucci’s is where to go, and make sure to buy the cheese pizza. You will have no regrets.

(Bertucci’s, 275 Centre St., Newton Corner. http://www.bertuccis.com/)

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-– April 3, 2015–