Theater education deserving of applause

Ryan Leonard, Watertown Splash staff

Throughout the United States, many public and private schools have plays or theater classes for students to attend and enjoy. These activities allow students to express creativity and learn the art of literature in a fun way.

While some say that it’s a waste of time and has no bene t to the student whatsoever, they’re wrong. Here’s how theater is good for kids.

One reason theater is good is because it allows kids to be expressive. If they’re playing a loud and angry character, they are able to change their way of feeling to become their character. Being able to play a character that is unlike the child helps expressiveness and creativity. Being able to express yourself is a great social skill that will go a long way in life.

Another reason theatre is good is focus. Imagine you’re on stage, and you have speaking lines. You have to remember them all! That’s a lot of work as it is. Plus, you have to be in the right spot, doing the right pose/ action, and a lot more! You have to know everything before it even hap- pens to avoid messing up.

Theater is a difficult thing to teach, that is true. But once a child learns it, it can be a bene t in so many ways. The things students learn in theatre is something each child should cherish for a lifetime. Those skills will bene t them for their whole lives, and that’s why kids should do theater.

–March 5, 2017–