Op/Ed: New WMS dress code is fair


The new dress code at Watertown Middle School is better than the previous, with fairer rules for everyone.

The new rule about leggings is great. It is now OK if a student wears a shirt down to the fold of the legs while wearing leggings, and that is very reasonable.

Besides that, some things haven’t changed. The people who changed the dress code made some rules sound more reasonable, but truth is, they’re not. For example, the shorts rule hasn’t changed much, and actually it has been made more confusing.

It used to be mid-thigh. Now, it is 5 inches from the fold of the leg … which is mid-thigh!

We think that the dress code is somewhat necessary, and it helps create the feeling that you really are in school. If people were allowed to wear anything they wanted, school would feel less like school (which has strict rules) and more like the park or other informal places, which is why students can’t wear T-shirts with inappropriate messages.

Other than the shorts issue, we think that the new version of the dress code is pretty fair. Of course, there is going to be some controversy over it, but hopefully it will bring a balance to Watertown Middle School.

–May 27, 2014–