Rules wear thin in hallways


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At Watertown Middle School, many people have different opinions on taste and style, and if they’re following the dress code or not.

According to most students, they find the dress code stupid and some of the rules ridiculous, and some students disregard the dress code completely. Two rules that students complain most about are leggings and the rule that shorts must be worn to mid-thigh. Students should be allowed to wear leggings, because students are allowed to wear skinny jeans, and leggings fit the same way as them, right?

Recently, there has been much confusion and discussion at Watertown Middle School involving the dress code. A few meetings about the dress code were held, one on Friday, May 3, and another on Monday, May 6.

There has also been confusion about teachers following the regulations. Some teachers don’t say anything to students when they are wearing something ruled to be inappropriate, but others are more strict and pay attention more closely to see if students are following the dress code.

Some students even got called out for wearing Nike running shorts that followed the guidelines for the length.

“I think it’s a little ridiculous that I got in trouble for wearing athletic shorts when they were mid-thigh length,” said Maddie, a seventh-grader. “So what’s the difference between wearing those and wearing jean shorts that reach mid-thigh?”

I understand that it can be a distraction when students are showing too much skin, but it is ridiculous that students have been asked to change into sweatpants when it’s 70 or 80 degrees outside!

As teachers, parents, and students can tell, the dress code has been a very controversial issue recently at WMS. But students are sharing their thoughts and working with the school administration on a solution to the problem.

–May 15, 2013–


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Rules wear thin in hallways