You’ve been dress-coded!


March 19, 2014

“Dressing up is your personality, and when you take that away, you take away who people are,” said Kevin Cardoso, a sixth-grade student at Watertown Middle School. The dress code is a set of rules that tells all WMS students...

Rules wear thin in hallways

MEGHAN F., Watertown Splash staff reporter

May 15, 2013

At Watertown Middle School, many people have different opinions on taste and style, and if they’re following the dress code or not. According to most students, they find the dress code stupid and some of the rules ridiculous,...

Dress code fits each kid differently

Emily Hart, Watertown Splash staff

December 8, 2010

At Watertown Middle School, the dress code requires students’ clothing to be appropriate -- shorts and skirts must be at least to mid-thigh and tank top straps must be at least two fingers wide (the width of both the index a...