A winning addition

Skop excited about his new job


Splash photo SARAH G.

New humanities teacher Daniel Skop preaches teamwork wherever he goes.

Have you seen a new guy around school that looks unfamiliar? Tall, well dressed, brownish-black hair. Well it might as well be Daniel Skop, a new teacher at the Watertown Middle School.

He teaches humanities, which is English and history. He is very excited to be teaching at this school.

“Teaching’s great because you’re able to enjoy your day interacting, influencing, and developing the future of the world,” he said.

Mr. Skop says the staff and kids are great. He is still is adapting, life is about adapting he says.

This is Mr. Skop’s ninth year teaching. He spent the first eight teaching humanities at Prospect Hill Academy in Somerville. He said he switched schools because he was looking for a change within his career.

Mr. Skop was a boys’ basketball coach at Prospect Hill. The team worked really well together and won three Charter school championships.

“The winning of the championships isn’t as important as the team unity we shared during the three years,’’ he said. “It was also a very strong team.”

In Mr.Skop’s free time he enjoys snowboarding, golf, and travel.

“Ultimately your future is only yours, control it,” he said.

–Dec. 3, 2009–