Half-day Wednesday would WMS over the hump


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Throughout the school year, students are always stressing during the school day. All we want is a break. But we aren’t asking for a vacation, or a whole day off, we are just asking for more half-days.

Not every day, just once a week. Wednesday is the middle of the week, which makes us think we are halfway done with the week. But why would we even say that? We only have a two-day weekend. What’s to look forward to? Its barely even a break.

If there was a change here at Watertown Middle School, ending school an hour or two before normal just on Wednesdays would help a lot of people. First off, students would be able to get their homework done early, and get just a little break.

But not only does this change help students, but also teachers. If teachers could leave work at 12:30 p.m., they would have a lot more free time than usual. Therefore, they could grade papers faster, and get grades in on time.

Parents are always telling their children to go outside and get some exercise. But if students are always getting home from school around 2:30 p.m., and then do homework for 2-3 hours, then eating dinner, when is there really time to spend time doing outdoor activities?

I don’t just think that this is a break from school, but it’s a way to release stress for everyone and just to make everything a little easier.

–June 10, 2013–


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