Start of something new

WMS students flock to auditions for “High School Musical Jr.”


The leads for “High School Musical Junior” gather on the Watertown Middle School auditorium stage, four months before their first performance.

We’re all in this together for “High School Musical Junior”!

This year, Watertown Middle School’s musical is “High School Musical Junior.” Auditions were in the chorus room Wednesday, Nov. 4, and Thursday, Nov. 5, and the cast list was put up on the bulletin board outside of the chorus room on Nov. 6.

There will be about 75 people in the play— including the lead roles, a chorus (jocks, cheerleaders, brains, and skaters/punks), and other solo parts.

For the auditions, Ms. Abby Cordell had everyone learn a part of a song and sing it in a large group. Then she broke them into groups of five to sing it again.

After this, students did the dancing part of the audition with the same procedure. Once everyone had done their dances, they got to read a few lines. Ms. Cordell decided who got what part, using all of the information she gathered throughout the two audition days.

“I wanted a show that would appeal to a large group of students and be well-known enough to draw large audiences,” Ms. Cordell said.

Ms. Cordell is producing the show by herself, except for a small unpaid crew. Danilo I. will be the stage manager. (As a shout out to all sixth-graders: Ms. Cordell is looking for a sixth-grader that can be trained to be the sound person for this year and the next two years as well!)

Nathan G. from the seventh grade got the role of Ryan Evans.

“I am really looking forward to the production. It sounds like a great cast and a really awesome show,’’ he said. “I think it’s going to be fun with so many people in the show.”

He said he decided to do the show because, “I really like theater and lots of people were saying it was going to be awesome, so I decided to go for it.”

Molly S., also in the seventh grade, was awarded the part of Sharpay Evans.

“I really like acting and singing,’’ Molly said, explaining why she wanted to do the play. “I thought it would be a great opportunity.”

She also said that by the end of the plays everyone’s like a family, dancing and singing backstage together and just having fun with it.

“I really am looking forward to rehearsals, because it’s really fun just to be in it, even if you don’t have a solo or a lead part!” she said.

Rehearsals started Nov. 9. There will be one per week in the auditorium or chorus room. In mid-January, they will be twice a week, sometimes even three times!

The last rehearsal will be the open-dress on March 18, with proceeds going to Pennies for Patients. The performances will be on March 19 and 20.

Lights! Cameras! Action! “High School Musical Junior” is on its way!

–Nov. 18, 2009–