A tradition of giving

WMS family once again fills Thanksgiving baskets

Thanksgiving baskets, filled with donations from the Watertown Middle School community, await delivery in the WMS cooking room.

This week, many people will be very grateful for the first and second servings of Thanksgiving dinner.

All last week during homeroom, most of Watertown Middle School collected food to donate. Most of the homerooms participated.

On Friday, Nov. 20, humanities teacher Eleanor Donato and many other teachers started collecting the donated food from the homerooms. Downstairs (in the cooking room/kitchen), all of the teachers and homeroom representatives participating in this food drive organized the food by categories so they could be sure that each basket got one of each item. The baskets went out Monday, Nov. 24, and Tuesday, Nov. 25.

Ms. Donato said that they were hoping to fill 30 baskets, but, “40 would be great!”

“Because of the economy, many families are in need,” she said.

In 1998, Ms. Donato and her homeroom collected Thanksgiving food for one family that was new to the country that year to introduce them to an American tradition. Three years ago, the entire school was encouraged to participate (although no one is forced). Since then, the school gives food to everyone in need, not just one particular family.

The guidance counselors, principal Kimo Carter, and assistant principal Jason Del Porto suggest the names of families that they think could use a comforting Thanksgiving meal. Families are called ahead of time to ask if they would like a Thanksgiving basket. No one is pushed to take one. Two teachers deliver the food and generally the people getting the baskets invite the teachers in.

This year, be thankful for your Thanksgiving meal and think of others when taking that first delicious bite!

–Nov. 24, 2009–