York Beach, Maine, promises fun for everyone

When you’re in York Beach, Maine, you should really head to Long Sands Beach for a day of fun in the sun.

Long Sands Beach is about a mile-and-a-half long, so when there’s a really hot day and the beach is crowded, there is plenty of room for everyone! Since the beach is so long, you may have a hard time deciding where to sit. The best place to sit is by the small orange bath house, which is about in the middle of the beach. If you sit there it is easier to get what you need to get and do what you need to do.

By the bath house, there is a store where you can buy snacks, drinks, shovels, beach toys, and lunch, including such things as chicken fingers, french fries, grilled cheese, and ice cream.

Long Sands is a great place to go crabbing. There are many crabs and starfish, and sometimes on a really good day and if you’re lucky, you might even find a baby lobster!

There is also Short Sands Beach. It’s not too far from Long Sands, but its not a great beach to go to. It’s very small, there’s only one lifeguard, and it’s always crowded.

After a long day at the beach, once you’re cleaned up and you’re starting to get hungry, you should head to the 123 Restaurant for great food and drinks. At the 123, you can sit inside or outside. When you sit outside, you have a great beach view. Inside, there is air conditioning.

They serve great food, including hamburgers, chicken wings, chicken fingers, and a variety of pasta. They also have happy hour between 5-7 p.m. Its a great local place to go for dinner, lunch, or breakfast that the whole family can enjoy.

A fun place to go one day or night is the Wild Kingdom Amusement Park. There are games, rides and prizes! You can buy tokens that you give for every ride, or a bracelet that lasts the entire night, you’re better off buying a bracelet if you want to go on all the rides! It’s is a fun place for the whole family to go. One of the best rides at the park is in the way back , the Go-Carts! There are 6 different carts and 2 people can go in one at a time. Unfortunately to drive the Go-Cart you have to be at least 56 inches tall, so make sure to have someone taller than 56 inches if you want to go on! The Amusement park is a great way to have fun and enjoy your day or night!

When you’re in York, you have to go to Brown’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream.

“It’s the best ice cream in the world,” says Maddie L., a WMS seventh-grader.

Brown’s is seasonal, and is only open in the summer, so get your ice cream while you can!

There’s a huge variety of ice cream. The selections vary from plain old vanilla to Tornado, which is Oreos, toll-house cookies, M&M’s, and a few more types of candy mixed into a base of vanilla.

Brown’s is old fashioned. There isn’t any place to sit inside, so there are picnic tables outside. There are many windows to go to place your ice cream order.

Most of the workers at Browns are students going into college and they hand-scoop the ice cream, so you should have a little extra money to give them a tip for all of their hard work!

If you’re looking for a fun family vacation, head to all these places in York Beach, Maine, for a great time!


–May 17, 2013–