Taking it all in

Watertown Middle School students, staff spent their summers traveling the world


Watertown Middle School teacher Kerri Lorigan spent six months at the start of 2015 traveling the world with her family.


    I see Paris, I see France, I see WMS staff and students summer plans!

    You wouldn’t believe all the cool places Watertown Middle students and staff went this summer, almost everyone went to a new place that they haven’t visited before.

    Marialda R. visited Punta Cana, Ani M. visited Paris, and Crystal Y. visited Cape Cod.

   Marialda said “My favorite thing I did in Punta Cana was spending the day at the beach and the pool.”

   Ani said, “The best part of being in France was seeing the Eiffel Tower and going to the beach.”

   Crystal said, “My favorite thing I did on Cape Cod was going to the beach and spending time with my family.”

    Everyone mentioned that one of their favorite parts of this summer was going to the beach. Anna A. went to New Hampshire and to Revere Beach with her mom.

   They also did some new things.

   “I stayed in a log cabin on Ossipee Lake,” Marialda said.

   Ani said she didn’t do much since she was in France for a month, but she said she went to a camp in France, which was new for her.

    Mili O. said she watched Netflix a lot, and went to a lot of carnivals and festivals, like the Italian Festival. She also went to a lot of beaches like the ones in Hampton and Maine.

    “I hope next summer is better,” she said.

   WMS teacher Kerri Lorigan went on a six-month trip all over the world during the last school year.

     The way she spent her summer was not any average summer.

    Three days after she came back from her trip, she got into a motorcycle accident, which resulted in a concussion. She spent a majority of her summer recovering and it went very slowly.

     At the beginning of the school year, she said she was 90 percent recovered.

    She doesn’t imagine herself going on a motorcycle again any time soon, but she said there might be a day where she will.

    Her concussion had been hard on her because that meant she was restricted from computer screens, the beach, reading, and not a lot of brightness.

    She said she is doing better and she has mostly recovered.

–Dec. 9, 2015–