Readers will get a big kick out of Debbie Spring’s “Breathing Soccer”


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An amazing book by Debbie Spring is called “Breathing Soccer.”

This book is about a soccer player named Lisa, who is not able to play soccer because of her severe asthma. Dr. Emerson, Lisa’s family doctor, had warned Lisa that her asthma must be taken seriously and that the aggressiveness that soccer places on her breathing could be very dangerous. Her parents believe the doctor, and as a result become a bit overly protective.

Right down the line, people just stand in her way. Her soccer coach, Coach Wilcox, sadly decides not to play her in the games because she doesn’t want to take any chances making Lisa ill. Coach also thinks it will weaken the teams chance to win.

But just when it seems that the world has fought against Lisa, she discovers a new source of strength in the example of Olympic rower Silken Laumann. Lisa is inspired by Laumann, who, after a terrible accident, was told by doctors that her career was over. But Silken rose above her verdict to overcome her accident and injuries in order to accomplish her goal to win the bronze medal for Canada.

After seeing this inspirational superstar, with the encouragement of her camp counselor, Giant, and her new asthma doctor, Lisa finally finds her inner strength that helps her rise above her own obstacles, causing her to become the soccer player she always hoped and knew she could be.

This book is very inspirational! It was one of my favorite books. Seeing Lisa struggle made me heartbroken, but when she was able to play soccer again, I was filled joy.

Even though I greatly dislike soccer, this book still caught my attention. The story made me realize how disadvantages and bad causes won’t stop you from doing the things you love!

I recommend this book to everyone. It never had a dull moment and always kept you wondering how Lisa would pull through. I have learned a big lesson from this book and I will never forget it.

–June 13, 2013–


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Readers will get a big kick out of Debbie Spring’s “Breathing Soccer”