In a locker’s life, there are a few hang-ups


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Not being able to move or walk can be boring sometimes. I’m always getting smashed into by young kids in the hallways. Whether there is a fight or a group of girls gossiping, I am always being leaned on. People stuff binders, paper, gum wrappers, and basically anything you can think of into me. I am always being a secret compartment for sneaky students. You never know what can be inside a locker like me. Kids hang things up all the time, like posters, schedules, and, most popular, mirrors.

Since these students get different lockers each year, I’m used to different things. I remember a few years back there was one nasty kid named Billy who use to stick chewed gum on the sides of me. I always smelled horrible because of the rotten milk and ham sandwich he left the week before. I always got stared at and kids pinched their nose to try to take away the stench, but it never worked.

This kid was a huge rock and roll fan. He had AC/DC posters hung absolutely everywhere. Posters were hung on all sides of me. He would always brag to his friends about a “signed poster” from the band, which was actually fake. Times with this rascal weren’t always the best, but I learned to deal with him.

Another owner of me was a girl named, Victoria, and oh was she a diva! Applying lipstick and blush every time she opened me, that was the usual for her. Looking right into her hot-pink rimmed, crystalized mirror lets me know that she is a perfectionist. She likes everything to go her way and be perfect, at least in her eyes.

Her bedazzled phone would ring off the hook, the ringtone being “Call Me Maybe,” and it would shake me and kids, of course, would stare, wondering whose locker it was.

Her being a diva, meant that she was very organized. All her binders were in order and nothing but makeup and cosmetics filled the shelves.

Then, you have the other typical kids, who are either smart, organized, and caring, or just messy and careless. I have had an array of different owners, but I love and enjoy time with each and everyone of them.

I love seeing kids walk down the hall helping each other with books, being kind and caring. Also, kids holding hands and helping kids when they trip are highlights of my days.

I have good days and bad days, but there is always that one kid who lightens up my day, whether it’s Billy, Victoria, or any other of my previous owners.

–June 13, 2013–

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