Oh, D.E.A.R.! Students, staff at odds about how to use time

Aislin Devaney, Watertown Splash staff

February 13, 2019

A popular discussion currently in the Watertown Middle School is D.E.A.R. If you are someone outside of the school system, D.E.A.R (which stands for “Drop Everything And Read”), lasts for 20 minutes on Mondays and Wednesday...

Dress code out of fashion at Watertown Middle School

Izadora Goncalves, Watertown Splash staff

March 21, 2017

     As everyone knows, not everyone at Watertown Middle School likes the dress code.      According to assistant principal Jason Del Porto the point of the dress code is so that the students are focusing on learning a...

School, town pool their money for new water fountains at Watertown Middle School


January 26, 2015

   Every year, Watertown Middle School gets $15,000 for furniture, like desks and chairs. Last year, Mr. Del Porto used that $15,000 to buy water bubblers.     The new bubblers were supposed to be installed soon, although the...

Student council: Making WMS better one step at a time!

KATHERINE D., Watertown Splash staff

November 12, 2010

This year for eighth-grade Student Council at Watertown Middle School there is a big crew! The officers are Nick Lanni (president), Katherine Dolan (vice president), Jimmy McDonald (vice president), Caitlyn D’Amico (vice pre...

WMS is coming ’round the mountain!

Molly Day, Watertown Splash staff

November 10, 2010

Every year in September, the eighth-graders at the Watertown Middle School take a hike. Up Mount Monadnock that is. This year it is a little late, for the original date, Sept. 30, was a rainy day. But when it happened, on Thurs...

Math MCAS tests to be given this week


May 9, 2010

As you may know, MCAS stands for Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System. As you may also know, the math MCAS are here in the Watertown Public Schools this week. English Language MCAS were taken in March and April. Teachers...

Jason Del Porto