New G.S.A. club to meet for the first time at WMS


Splash photo SHANNON H. and JULIA F.


On Thursday, Dec. 5, the new Gay Straight Alliance club will meet in Ms. Stern’s office during extended homeroom.

G.S.A. is a club for any student or teacher in Watertown Middle School. The guidance counselors — Stacy Stern (eighth grade), Amanda Skypeck (seventh), and Ashley Davis (sixth) — will be running the club. They will also be getting help from G.S.A. members at Watertown High School.

The club will meet once a month and is voluntary, so people do not have to commit to going every time they meet. The guidance counselors said they are creating this club to make a safe place for all students, to promote tolerance and acceptance, and to help students feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Each month the club will do an activity to promote a certain topic.

Ms. Davis’s goal for this club is to help create a safe place where students can feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Ms. Stern said, “I hope to continue to have a safe space for all students. I also hope for a big turnout. The more students, the more activities!”

One WMS student said, “Some students may be too young to talk about and understand this topic.”

While a few people are against this club, many are in favor of it.

“I love it!” said assistant principal Jason Del Porto. “G.S.A. is long overdue.”

If you’re interested in joining this club, go to the first meeting in Ms. Stern’s room on Dec. 5.

–Dec. 4, 2013–