Student council: Making WMS better one step at a time!

KATHERINE D., Watertown Splash staff

This year for eighth-grade Student Council at Watertown Middle School there is a big crew!

The officers are Nick Lanni (president), Katherine Dolan (vice president), Jimmy McDonald (vice president), Caitlyn D’Amico (vice president), Jared Grillo (secretary), Rachel Campbell (secretary), Allie Doggett (treasurer), Dakota Beck (tech. director), and, last but not least, Nathan Greess (tech. director) — and that doesn’t even include the Executive Board representatives!

All of them have big responsibilities. They’re in charge of running school activities, such as dances, fund-raisers (such as cookie dough), student/faculty sporting events, and Spirit Week.

The Student Council meets almost every Monday and sometimes on Fridays to discuss upcoming events. Student Council officers are also advisers for principal Kimo Carter and vice principal Jason Del Porto, which means that the students share their thoughts and ideas with them and possibly make them reality.

Homeroom representatives are the voices of students. They bring ideas to meetings and take messages back to homerooms.

–Nov. 12, 2010–