Language classes getting a kick out of this tradition


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Cones are lined up along Moxley Field, kids are screaming and running with excitement, soccer balls being saved here and there, some slipping through the goalie’s hands, the sounds of a referee’s whistle fill the air, and sweat drips down the players’ faces.

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, the reading, Spanish, and Italian classes go head to head in World Cup-inspired soccer games. It is a great Watertown Middle School tradition, which has been going for three years and counting!

Usually, each class plays two games, and the games go all day, from periods one to seven, with all three grades getting to play. What’s great about the games is that they take place outside in the nice warm weather. Also, it is pretty cool that most everyone in the school has a chance to participate in the games. While some students play in the game, some cheer on their team on the sidelines.

There is a range of talent on the teams. Lots of experienced soccer players outside of school love to participate in these games.

Meghan, a seventh-grader who plays in the games, said,  “I myself am not a very good soccer player, but I have a lot of teammates that have lots of skill. It’s fun to play with kids who play soccer outside of school.”

One team that was very impressive was Ms. Kuzemczak’s seventh-grade Italian “B” class, which has never lost a game in two years!

“I love playing on the Italian soccer team,” said Lauren, a seventh-grader. “It’s like we are family!”

Kids from the WMS love to show the spirit of their teams. Italian classes wear royal blue to represent Italy’s national team, Signora C’s classes represent Portugal, and they get decked out in red and green clothing, while Mr. Valenzuela’s classes represent Spain, where they wear all red for its national soccer team.

Students such as seventh-graders John K. and Michael F. always show up prepared, representing Italia. John wears blue from head to toe: blue bandana, blue T-shirt, a sweatshirt with an Italian flag, blue sports shorts, and high blue knee socks. Mike used to be a goalie on his old soccer team, so he shows up to school with bright neon yellow goalie clothing and apparel. They both love to show team spirit.

The soccer games here at WMS are always a bundle of fun. This tradition will hopefully keep going for a long time!

–June 14, 2013–

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Language classes getting a kick out of this tradition