Watertown Middle School basketball players grow into a team

Arya Tehrani, Nathan Sergi, and Nick Vick

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     When it comes to basketball, the students at Watertown Middle School been through many different experiences and have many different goals.

      Many of the eighth-graders have played since they were very little, many playing in the same Biddy basketball league at the Watertown Boys and Girls Club in second and third grade.

      Eighth-grader J.P Riley said, “We all were at different elementary schools so it was a good chance to become friends with each other earlier and build chemistry towards high school and our successful middle school teams.”

     Eighth-grader Caiden Kiani said, “We have become better and better with each other and by ourselves because we started playing together earlier and we are all looking forward to our eighth-grade year.”

     Many WMS basketball players said they want to play some kind of basketball after high school, many of course said in the NBA. But how do you achieve that goal?

     Eighth-grader Shakel Inniss said, “I work at it with my uncle everyday.”

     Eighth-grader Al Peters said, “I believe in myself and I promise myself I will do my best.”

     The WMS boys’ basketball team has only 15 kids, but many people try out.

     It’s not an easy thing at all.

–April 4, 2017–

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