Things are looking up for new ski club

A new club has been added to the afterschool activities at Watertown Middle School. If you are free on Thursday afternoons, you should join the ski club with Daniel Skop.

The kids in the club are a mixed group of boys and girls in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. There are 13 students who have joined and they will be participating in three weekend trips that will cost a total of $90. The first trip cost $50 and each additional trip is $20.

“I think this club is a great addition to WMS and I hope that more kids will sign up next year,’’ said Mr. Skop, a humanities teacher at WMS.

He said he is very excited to be teaching the students about skiing and snowboarding. The students will also be given lessons at the ski areas when they arrive on their trips.

This is going to be the first time that some of the kids ever go skiing or snowboarding and Mr. Skop said he is trying to make sure it is safe for all, but that it will also be enjoyable.

The first trip will be to Pat’s Peak in New Hampshire.

–Feb. 13, 2010–