So many high notes

So many high notes

April 23, 2017

Science class says nice things about talking to plants in lab

Alex Miller, Watertown Splash staff

April 17, 2017

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In Ms. Willoughby’s eighth-grade science class, a very interesting experiment was born: Does talking to plants in a nice voice help them grow? This experiment was designed by Zoё Doyle, Giulia Salvucci, and Colin Simpson....

Teaching photography clicks with her

Martha Aramthip and Izadora Goncalves

April 14, 2017

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     There is a new elective at Watertown Middle School this year for seventh- and eighth-graders: photography.      This is Heather Smith’s first year teaching photography. She was asked to teach the class by WMS principa...

WMS lights up at first dance

Nathan Sergi and Nick Vick

April 12, 2017

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You walk into the Watertown Middle School at 7 p.m. and right away you can’t hear yourself think anymore. There’s music blasting in your ears and loads of people shouting at their friends just so they can hear each other. The...

Students conquer Wachusett

Nic Oteri and Zak Babali

April 11, 2017

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On Oct. 13, 2016, the Watertown Middle School eighth-graders took a trip to Wachusett Mountain to hike it. Some kids were very excited, but some weren’t. The hike was on a very hot and humid day, where the sun b...

Dunk contest stuffs the WMS gym

Nic Oteri and Zak Babali

April 7, 2017

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     On Friday, Dec. 9, the Watertown Middle School had its annual winter-themed dance. During the dance, the Leadership class set up a dunk contest and a 3-point shooting contest where kids from all grades could participate. ...

One School/One Book committee gets early start on summer reading

Jordan Hoover, Watertown Splash staff

March 31, 2017

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If you are a sixth- or seventh-grader or a teacher at Watertown Middle School who loves reading, join the One School/One Book committee! Come on! Get an early start on summer reading and make an impact on the school. The One...

A mother-daughter bond at WMS

Lara Cordeiro, Watertown Splash staff

March 25, 2017

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     Angela Kuzemczak, Italian teacher at Watertown Middle School, has been on maternity leave taking care of her son, Roma.      But who was subbing for her? Her own mother!      Lorella Bowers has recently taught college-level stud...

18 kids, 3 adults, and a whole lot of books

Gabriel Shapiro, Watertown Splash staff

March 18, 2017

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     If you were at the WMS book fair, you may have been there with your homeroom, which contains, on average, 18 students and three adults.      From Nov. 29 to Dec. 2, Watertown Middle School held a book fair in order ...

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