Watertown Middle School goes to the polls

First round of voting Friday, June 9, features 24 seventh-graders running for four student council posts

Audrey Garland, Watertown Splash staff

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    At Watertown Middle School, there is an election every spring for seventh-graders who want to be in the student council. The positions are president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary.

    The first round of 2017 voting will be held Friday morning, June 9, and the runoff election will be held Monday, June 12.

    There are seven students running for president: Mason Andrade, Krishan Arora, Jacob Deveikas, Emma Fallon, Negar Hamidi, Isabella Hanna, and Ameir Mahmoud.

    Student council is a big commitment and being very responsible seems to be a big quality to be a fit for the position. Emma Fallon says she has just that.

    Emma said she has four factors that makes for a good school president. She said she is 1.) very organized; 2.) has great leadership skills; 3.) Does lots of volunteering; and 4.) has lots of school spirit!

    There are six WMS students running for vice president: Fathema Heidari. Fred Labossiere, Delanie Lombard, Isabella Nitschke, Mona Houjazy, and Noah Houjazy. Fred feels he is fit for the position because (in his words) “Imma God.”

    He feels that the voting is more of a popularity contest, but he doesn’t want it to be like that. He said he wants people to vote for who they think is the best, not just their friends.

    Jesse Cavarretta, who is running for secretary, has some of the same opinions as Fred.  He said he wants to be secretary because of one of his strongest school traits is notetaking.

     Also running for secretary are Mahera Ahmed, Marissa DelCarmen, and Merideth Greene.

     Running for treasurer are Riley Doss, Anthony Lampasona, Ciara O’Connor, Ramon Sara, Shivani Sharma, Nathan Theodore, and Derek Zamora.

     All of the candidates have the same reason for running: to make the school a better place. So, which candidates will receive your votes in the 2017 election?  

–June 8, 2017–

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