Students display stick-to-itiveness

Post-it design window challenge shows students' creative side at Watertown Middle School

Kailee DeJesus, Ava Husson, and Derek Zamora

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As the days wind down to February vacation, a new contest called the Post-it Challenge has surfaced at Watertown Middle School.

The Post-it Challenge is a great way to get creative and work as a team with the kids in the homerooms. Each homeroom has been given two packs of multicolored Post-Its and challenged to create a theme on the windows. They are competing against other homerooms to win the grand prize of a Dunkin Donuts run for the winning homeroom.

Not every home room is participating, some are still planning, and some are still working. Assistant principal Jason DelPorto is the judge and will announce the winner Feb. 16.

Splash photo Kailee DeJesus
A window design made with Post-its at Watertown Middle School. Chris McDermott’s homeroom chose to make a map of the world.

Italian teacher Angela Kuzemczak said her homeroom is still planning. They took a vote and decided to do the Boston skyline.

Debbie Kelly, who is room B211, said her kids enjoy the project and are working hard together. Her windows had different flowers.

Down the Cluster 2 hall in Chris McDermott’s room, they are creating a map of the world.

On Thursday after school, Mr. McDermott was busy putting Post-it notes on the window while standing on an 8-foot ladder. He said the kids could stand on the tables, but only he could stand on the ladder.

“The kids like [the contest] that they came during lunch [to help],” he said.

Splash photo Derek Zamora
A window design made with Post-its in Phil Martin’s seventh-grade homeroom at Watertown Middle School.

Margaret Ferguson, a sixth-grade science teacher, had her windows decorated with flags representing the countries where her students were from.

One of the windows in seventh-grade math teacher Phil Martin’s windows said “Hi!” in Post-its. He said it was tricky because the kids had to plan the letters backward.

He could see other windows across the way courtyard.One of them was decorated with gnomes.

“The point is to have fun,” he said.

Splash photo Kailee DeJesus
A window design made with Post-its at Watertown Middle School. Debbie Kelly’s homeroom chose to make flowers.

–Feb. 8, 2017–

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