When talking about middle names, it’s good to start at the beginning


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    Middle names. Something you’re given when you’re born. It could be just simply be the middle name you were given, or you were named after someone in your family. Although some people dislike their middle name because it doesn’t suit them. Or they think that the middle name is too weird. Liking your middle name depends on the person because everyone has a different opinion.

    “No! Never! Who doesn’t want the middle name Queenie?” Rita Queenie Hackett stated about her fabulous middle name.

   Rita is very confident and loves her middle name. The middle name Queenie was a born at baby shower for a family friend. The name Queenie was on the list of names and Rita’s parents decided on it.

   But then again you have people who dislike their middle names.

    “Luisa is my middle name. I don’t like it because I forget how to spell it,” Lauren Kempton said about her middle name.

    The middle name Luisa is passed down from her family. It was Lauren’s grandmother’s name. The name is from a Spanish influence.

    Most of the time, people like their middle name.

    “I like my middle name [Rose], very much. It’s very pretty,” Olivia Sorensen said about her middle name.

   Olivia’s middle name was her great aunt’s. The name Rose comes from many places in the world, so she can’t really pinpoint exactly where Rose came from.

    “Well in my culture we don’t usually have middle names,” Sabreena Shah said about not having a middle name.

    Even though Sabreena doesn’t have a middle name she doesn’t mind too much.

    “No, I don’t really care that much,” she said.

    It just goes to show how middle names grows on you. Certain middle names have meanings that stick to parents when naming their child. Your middle name could be given to you because your parents think the meaning suits you as a person.

   “My middle name is Khan. It means praise to God,” Sana Rafiq said.

    It originates from Pakistan and it was passed down from her family. Sana doesn’t like her middle name. She doesn’t think it flows.

    “The name Khan doesn’t go with Sana Rafiq,” she said. “Like Sana KHAN Rafiq.”

    Middle names. Some people like their middle names but some people don’t. It really depends on the person, and how they feel.

–Dec. 4, 2015–

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When talking about middle names, it’s good to start at the beginning