A few of their favorite things (2009)

What was the best part of 2009? It depends on the person. The staff of the Watertown Splash asked many people — students, teachers, family, and friends — one question: “What was your favorite thing that happened in 2009?”

Here are some of their answers:

“My favorite thing in 2009 was when we went to UNH. We got to make friends, communicate, and have fun! I can’t wait to go in the spring.” — Franklin A., seventh-grader

“My favorite thing in 2009 would have to be music.” — Makela L., seventh-grader

“My favorite part was when I went to camp and when my mom got a cool new job.” — Emilee M., seventh-grader

“Going to the Outer Banks.” — Molly D., seventh-grader

“Going to Virginia Beach.” — Molly S., seventh-grader

“The last football game when we won in overtime.” — Billy M., sixth-grader

“The snow!” — Amanda

“The last year of middle school!” — Tiffany G.

“Mount Monadnock.” — Kelly K., eighth-grader

“The Jonas Brothers concert.” — Ashley S.

“Working at Watertown Middle School.” — Phil Oates, teacher

“I got my cat, Natalee.” — Shannon F., seventh-grader

“I had my first [wedding] anniversary in October.” — Lisa McDonagh, seventh-grade humanities teacher

“My favorite thing that happened to me in 2009 is that my sister is going to New York to live there. She used to live in Ecuador.” — Steven D., seventh-grader

“Going to Canobie Lake Park.” — Charlotte V., seventh-grader

“My birthday was awesome. I used the money to buy an Xbox 360 Elite and an Element skateboard.” — Vartan H., seventh-grader

“My favorite thing in 2009 was the 2009 Thanksgiving Day parade. Everyone was there, and they were really getting the thankful spirit the parade was trying to introduce. People were dancing, singing, and were happy!” — Jillian M., seventh-grader

“My two daughters winning the national championship in hockey.” — Bob Kelly, father

“Getting out of Westfield State College and going to UMass-Lowell.” — Chris Kelly, student

“Winning the state championship for high school field hockey.” — Erika K., 10th-grader

“My two daughters winning nationals.” — Cheryl K., mother

“I liked when Obama became president.” — Kayla F., seventh-grader

“I really liked going to Water Country over the summer.” — MaryGrace N.

“I also liked Water Country.” — Michael N.

“My favorite part was going to Ireland over the summer and going to Rome over spring break.” — Bridget N., seventh-grader

“My favorite part was going to Rome on spring break.” — Catherine Nee, mother

(Story reported by Watertown Splash staff reporters Brigitte A., Anna A., Francesca B., Shannon C., Emily C., Gemma C., Sam C., Rebecca C., Kaylee C., Isaac F., Sarah G., Victoria H., Lauren K., Danielle K., Sophia K., Matt L., Jessica L., Danielle M., Anna M., Christina M., Katie M., Bridget N., Maddie R., Hayley S., and Terry Z.)

–Dec. 31, 2009–