Sweet smell of success

WMS student council rolls in dough from fund-raiser

Ever come home from school wanting a snack that’s easy to make, but still tastes delicious?

The Watertown Middle School Easy-Bake cookie dough drive went through Nov. 9, with the orders arriving Nov. 23. People could order different kinds of cookie dough, including Snicker Doodle, M&M, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter with Reese’s, and Heath bar – in addition to hot chocolates, coffees, and scented candles. Cookie dough is a delicious snack students could sell to friends, family, neighbors, and teachers. This sweet treat can last for up to six months in the freezer.

Brian Donato and Sam Morris plan to use the money raised from the fund-raiser for dances, the student-faculty basketball game, and the eighth-grade party. The goal was to raise $5,500.

“[The fund-raiser] is a great way for kids to get more involved with school,” said Mr. Donato, one of the organizers of student council and the cookie dough drive.

“Cookie Dough makes great gifts,” said Ms. Morris, another organizer of student council and cookie dough. “There’s nothing like coming home from work [or school] to the smell of cookies.”

Students were not the only ones who enjoyed participating. Many teachers contributed, as well, by buying cooking dough and helping out.

“Since most people like to eat cookie dough, it seemed like a good fund-raiser because people will buy what they like,” said Eleanor Donato, the student council teacher representative for the sixth grade.

–Dec. 10, 2009 —